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Project 5

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This idea is based on PROJECT #5, a part of 52 Projects.

Here is the original text for project 5. "Make some art, maybe a photograph or a painting or a drawing. Put the art in a nice frame, one that isn't brand new. Then, hang your framed art in a place you aren't suppose to, but where people will assume it is supposed to be, like the lobby of your apartment building, in the hallway at your office, on the smallest wall in a motel room, in the quiet corner of a library, outside the downstair's restroom at a restaurant or bar, the back room of a club, in the bathroom of a museum."

This is how our LiveJournal version will work: Instead of hanging your work where you're not suppose to, you will send your work to your partner. Once a month, a poll will be sent out by me, zoeyblue2003, the moderator. Anyone that wants to participate in that months exchange will need to fill out the poll. The poll will close after 3 days. You will be assigned your partner by email within 3 days.

You then will have 7 days to complete your artwork. Now just send it to your partner. Your artwork doesn't have to be anything elaborate. It will just be fun to have a collection from different artists from around the world. And maybe make some new friends.

As soon as you received your package, please post a picture on our website for everyone to enjoy.